Tesla Energy

If you’re feeling scattered, confused, or blocked, Tesla Energy treatments can quiet your mind, give you a new perspective, and help you regain focus. It takes your deflated energetic field and enhances and gently expands it like a balloon, balancing your two polarities into a harmonic, coherent state.

There is no prep, simply come as you are.

By appointment at $60 per 45 minute session, with package deals available.





Safe, consensual, nurturing touch to help de-stress, improve mood, regain range of motion, and more. We work together to facilitate your healing in an atmosphere of privacy and respect. Massage can help with relief of PTSD, acute trauma, circulation issues, tension, anxiety, digestion, and overall health. It allows the body to reach a natural homeostasis.

By appointment at $70/hour.





Alexander Technique

Please inquire about this healing modality.

Ayurvedic Therapies

Please inquire about this healing modality.